Remotely Sane

Remotely Sane

I recently heard a Dave Ramsey segment, in which he describes working to pay of debt as “going after it with Gazelle intensity”.  His speech resonated with me, as it accurately describes how I feel on most days just doing everyday life as a full-time mom, and working from home.

Sometimes the cheetah is the clock.  I’m like a gazelle bouncing around in the morning scurrying kids through the morning routine.  Repeat in the afternoon, but insert cranky young gazelles that don’t want to do their homework or the one that refused her lunch and is now having a meltdown and cannot wait another moment for dinner.  Afternoons in my house are sort of like when the crouching cheetah is slightly shaking its hind quarters, signaling that an attack is imminent.

Sometimes the cheetah is my list of things to do.  This cheetah always seems to work in tandem with the time cheetah.  So much to do, not enough time to do it becomes an understatement when you’re limited to 2 hours (toddler nap) per day to eat, shower, and knock out those to-do list.  It gets really gazellish when I start hopping from one thing to another, and end up with a bunch of partially completed tasks.  Sorry your uniform shirt is wrinkled.  Just be happy it’s clean.  Now go put it in the dryer for a few minutes.  (C’mon, I know I’m not the only one!)

But, back to Dave’s point, he uses this example to demonstrate how you should pay off debt.  That being with gazelle-like intensity.  Debt being the cheetah, and the consumer being a gazelle running and bouncing frantically, in attempt to get away and save it’s life.  When I heard this, I thought, what a spot-on reference.  Pull up a video of a cheetah chasing a gazelle, and you’ll feel it too.

As a result, I’m officially in Gazelle Mode.

My goal:  To be debt-free.  I’m talking, no car loans, no credit cards, no payments, except for my mortgage.  So here we go!

First things first. Paying off debt requires money, which requires a job, and I already have two of those.  Being a mom is my first job, but I don’t get rewarded for that until they become productive members of society, which I think will signify a job well done as for my role as a mother.  I also contribute to our household expenses by doing some professional contract work (trailing from my career before becoming a stay at home mom).  But if I’m going to work towards this goal with “gazelle-like” intensity, I need to find a way to bring in extra cash, right?

Off to the land of remote jobs, I went.  It’s a scary place to be if you have never been, or if you are not aware of common scam tactics.  Let me preface this by saying the information I’m sharing is my own opinion and is based on my experience.  I’m not being paid or getting any kick-back from any of the specific companies that I mention.  You should always do your own research before proceeding with any online or remote job offer.

Up next, I’ll share with you the side-gig I found to be a source of extra money, even for moms with baby gazelles at home. Also, I’ll share with you my close call with a scam that opened my eyes to how easy it is to become a victim.  Stay tuned!

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